Gun show cable locks protect firearms on display from theft and accidental loss.

Firearms dealers have often contacted us with equipment security concerns when preparing displays for gun shows. A hosting venue may provide security services, but rarely can you expect for your personal inventory to be guarded by anyone other than yourself. The risk of an unsecured weapon "walking off" goes up in a crowded room, and even more so if your attention is divided among customers. 

The Tufnut Gun Show Display (GSD) cable system is a simple and effective means of securing groups of firearms on display at a gun show. A GSD system set includes an anchor cable and 3 movable display cables. The anchor cables are designed to stretch across standard folding tables and be secured at both ends around the table's legs or braces. 

GSD display cables are available in two styles: 

Circular 4 ft display cables have loops at both ends. The larger loop end is threaded onto the main cable. The smaller loop is threaded through the trigger guards of up to 5 handguns and locked back to the anchor cable, creating a fanned circular display. 

Straight 2 ft display cables also have loops at both ends. The larger loop end is threaded onto the main cable.Their other loop end is threaded through trigger guards and then secured at the end with a padlock. The cable end can either be locked back onto the display cable or simply stopped off using the padlock to prevent the cable being withdrawn from the trigger guards. The 2 ft cables create a display organized in columns and let you easily group firearms by make or caliber. 


The GSD-C circular system includes an anchor cable sized for an 8 ft display table, with 
three 4 ft circular display cables. 

The GSD-S straight system uses the same anchor cable, with
three 2 ft straight display cables.

Both Gun Show Display systems are assemblies of separate cables and locks. 
Each of the system components can be ordered by itself in any quantity. 
These components include:

GSD-C8, Circular cable system for 8 ft display table, includes:
          1 ea - GSD 12 ft anchor cable - LPSC12LPBK 
          3 ea - GSD 4 ft loop display cables - LPMC4LPBK 
          4 ea - keyed-alike padlocks – P3KA 

GSD-S8, Straight cable system for 8 ft display table, includes: 
          1 ea - 12 ft anchor cable - LPSC12LPBK 
          3 ea - 2 ft straight display cable - LPMC2LPBK 
          4 ea – keyed alike padlocks – P3KA 

Add-on Cables, Locks & Other Hardware 
          LPMC2LPBK - 2 ft straight display cable 
          LPMC4LPBK - 4 ft loop display cable 
          LPSC12LPBK - 12 ft anchor cable 
          P3KA - Keyed-alike lock with 3/16 in shackle 
          P5KA - Keyed-alike lock with 5/16 in shackle 
          L4 - Resettable combination lock with 1/4 in shackle can be substituted for P3KA. 
          PS - Padlock Screw Anchor provides anchor point if needed. 
          NP3 - Provides self-adhesive locking point if needed. 


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Please call 1 (800) 227-0949 for further information on the GSD systems.


Straight Cable Gun Display System

Straight Cable Gun Display System

Gun Show Display Systems

We offer two standard sets of cable and lock components for gun display security.

The GSD-S8 system uses one 12 ft anchor cable (1/4" OD) that attaches to the legs or braces under your display table, and three 2 ft display cables (3/16" OD) that let you arrange firearms in short rows.

The GSD-C8 system uses the same 12 ft anchor cable (1/4" OD) to attach to the table, with three 4 ft display cables (3/16" OD) that attach to the anchor cable. The longer display cables let you lock the loop ends together creating a circular gun display.

Both systems are supplied with 4 keyed-alike padlocks to secure the cables. 

Any component from either set can be ordered individually (below), so you can build your own system or add addtional cables to the C8 or S8 system.

GSD System Components

GSD System Components

Gun Show Display System Components

Below you'll find a listing of the individual cable and lock components that make up the GSD-S8 and C8 systems. We also include a selection of locks that can be substituted for the system-standard P3KA padlock, and a few add-on equipment anchors in case there is no usable anchoring point on your display table.

Because the two GSD systems use the same anchor cable, it's easy to switch display styles by swapping between circular and straight display cables. Both styles of display cable are available as add-on items, and we can always price custom variations on any available system component if you don't find what you need listed here.

You'll need one keyed-alike padlock to secure each display cable or anchor cable. If you are adding cables to an existing system, it's best to phone or email us directly so we can be sure to match your new keys with those you already have. 

Any of the cables below can be supplied with a clear coating, and custom length cables are no problem. If you don't see what you need here please give us a call.

Lock Box Tether

Lock Box Tether

Gun Safe Anchor Cables

Small gun safes can be a great asset for protecting firearms and other personal property without the bulk and weight of traditional safes, but the same qualities can also be a liability when the entire safe can be carried away. We recently added this selection of cables for securing gun safes and other light-weight lock boxes to anchor points in a home or vehicle. 

The cables below are intended to work with existing security slots or ports found in many gun safes. Hardware cases with no such slots or ports will typically require only minor modification to accomodate these simple tethers. 

This limited selection represents the most common lock box tethers that customers have requested. If you don't see the cable you need here, please call us to inquire about custom lengths and modifications.

These cables are clear coated and can also be ordered in BLACK.
Just add qty. 1 of the BK option to your cart to apply the black option to your full order.