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Complete selection of computer security cables, security plates & locks.

Computer Cable Lock Systems
Superglue and Self-Adhesive Computer Cable Locks

Computer Case Lock
Keyboard Lock & Mouse Lock
High Security & Bulk Cable Systems

Laptop Cables & Clip Lock Systems 
Key, Combination, and Superglue systems for portables.

Flat Panel Security Cables

Remote Control Security Cables 
Remote Control Security Cables for management & protection.

Coiled Cable & Straight Cable Options
Retractable Cable Options

Simple Security Locks and Anchors
Coiled Security Cable, Stud Plate, Drywall & Concrete Anchors

Security Plates
Epoxy Plates & Super glue
Anchors & Adapters

Theft-resistant Nuts & Screws

Custom Security Cable Options
Secure keyboard & mouse cables Clip locks for security slots.

Ultra Thin Cable Solutions

Security System Applications
New systems for various specific applications

Audio-Visual Equipment Mounts & Brackets
Retail Loss Prevention
Cable Alarm Locks
Gun Show Security Cable
iPad & Tablet Locks

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