LASC3LS - Lock Box Tether -  3’ w Lock Anchor End

LASC3LS - Lock Box Tether -  3’ w Lock Anchor End

$4.75 each

This 3-foot cable tether features a Lock Anchor cable end that lets you secure a lock box or gun safe by threading the cable through uses a small port or hole in the equipment case. Other tethers in our selection have large diameter ends designed for use with a drop-in slot in the case rim. 

The lock anchor end of the cable has a 5/16" OD. This end is threaded out from the inside of a gun safe through a hole in the case. The large cable stop on the other end prevents the cable from pulling through completely. The cable is then wound around a nearby anchor point and secured using the lock anchor end with a padlock. 

See how the Lock Anchor cable end works . . .

You'll need to add one Padlock to secure each Lock Anchor cable.