This thin security cable helps you manage digital data pens, cameras, jump drives and other small devices so they're not misplaced or moved. Thin cables offer minimal security but are very flexible and easy to install, making them well-suited for loss-prevention. They can also be re-used and are easily adapted to many applications. 

You can order thin cables with pre-formed loops or can order loose fittings with thin cables to crimp your own loops or stop ends. We can also add superglue tabs or self-adhesive tabs to connect thin cables to your property.


You can create your own cable below by ordering the cable size from Table 1, 
then ordering its end(s) from Table 2.

For example, if you need five of the 4 ft DC thin cables with tabs on one end and loops on the other ends you would order the following: 

   DC4         Cables   5 @ $2.00 = $10.00 
   T               Tab     5 @ $  .50 = $  2.50 
   LP             Loop    5 @ $  .25 = $  1.25      Total is $13.75 

If you also need 10 2-ft BC cables with unfinished loops on both ends you would then order these items: 

   BC2          Cables   10 @ $.80 = $8.00 
   L                Loop   10 @ $.25 = $2.50 
   L                Loop   10 @ $.25 = $2.50       Total is $13.00 

You would then order any other components needed from our other products. 

Following below are: Various Lengths of Thin Cable - Table 1 
                                                  Thin Cable Ends & Fittings - Table 2 

Download Price & Info pdf (99 KB) 

"I can tell you that in my case, when I first came across your site, at a glance I'd first had the impression that you only sold to big companies and in large quantities, and normally my experience with that means that if you even sold to an individual, the price would be astronomical and so would the shipping - but with Tufnut, the exact opposite was true in BOTH cases - individuals like me looking to secure home computers would be crazy to NOT buy from you as you really do have everyone else beat on price - by a longshot. I have looked EVERYWHERE available including E-Bay and"

Online orders can be paid using Paypal or a credit card.
and we also accept purchase orders by mail, fax, or email.
If you prefer, you're welcome to give us a call at 800-227-0949. 
We're glad to help you create the systems you need, 
and you can place your order directly by phone.


Thin Cable Options AC, BC, DC

Thin Cable Options AC, BC, DC

Thin Cables - Table 1

The thin Tufnut cables are all considered "low security" devices and are intended to manage or control the location of movable calculators, office supplies, or merchandise. 

These cables come with unfinished ends so to complete them you need to add an end fitting for both ends of your cable from Table 2 below. When ordering any cables, it's generally best to have them a bit longer than the minimum required length in order to allow movement. 

First, "Add to Cart"" the quantity of your first cable size/length from Table 1, then choose loops or tabs for both ends from Table 2 below. 

If you need a variety of different sizes, just repeat the above process, adding cables then ends 

To purchase one-foot cables it's fastest to simply "Add to Cart" from this page. For additional lengths, please click the part number to view and modify the items. 

If you don't see the cable you need, please give us a call at 800-227-0949

Thin Cable Ends SO,MA,T

Thin Cable Ends SO,MA,T

Thin Cable Ends - Table 2

These cable ends let you attach the thin cable to your device or merchandise and also to a fixed anchor such as a screw, a drawer handle, or even to nearby equipment. 

If you order loops (LPT), we will make the loop 1-inch long from top to bottom. 

If you order Phillips (SP) or One Way Screw ends (SO) the loops will fit the screws included for assembly. 

If you order unfinished loops, you can finish them to be any size you need and can attach them directly to a fixture or to your device. The loop sleeve is easily compressed with a small vice-grip. 

The tabs (T or MA) will be compressed by us onto the cable end. 

If it's not clear to us how your cable will operate, we'll email you to clarify your order. You are also welcome to call us to get the cable you need, which can be ordered directly by phone. 

If you need another cable size, go to Table 1 and begin the process again, ordering cables, then ends for each cable size.