Custom security cables for theft prevention can be created using components from our standard security cables.

You can create your own version of our security cable systems from the cable sizes and fittings listed below. We can also create create additional variety of unique assemblies for you, and you're welcome to call us at (800) 227-0949 if we can help you solve your security problem. 

If you are ordering custom cables from below, you may wish to add Security Plates or other hardware from our selection of Padlocks, Anchors and Superglue. These hardware options can all be found under our menu for Simple Locks & Anchors.

You can create your own custom security cable 
by ordering the size you need from Table 1 below, 
then ordering its end(s) from Table 2.

For example, if you need five of the 5 ft standard security cables with lock anchor ends you would order the following: 

   SC5       Cables                  5 @ $4.00 = $20.00 
   LA      Lock Anchors      5 @ $1.85 = $9.25      Total is $29.25 

If you also need 10 2-ft medium cables with loops on both ends you would then order these items: 

   MC2         Cables    10 @ $1.40 = $14.00 
   LP               Loop      10 @ $  .50 =  $  5.00 
   LP               Loop      10 @ $  .50 =  $  5.00       Total is $24.00 

You would then order any other components needed from our other products. 

You can now choose our BLACK coating instead of clear.
Just choose the BK option, which will apply to your whole order.

Following below are:

Various Lengths of Tufnut Security Cable - Table 1
Security Cable Ends - Table 2 

You can also design your own Coiled Security Cables 

"I can tell you that in my case, when I first came across your site, at a glance I'd first had the impression that you only sold to big companies and in large quantities, and normally my experience with that means that if you even sold to an individual, the price would be astronomical and so would the shipping - but with Tufnut, the exact opposite was true in BOTH cases - individuals like me looking to secure home computers would be crazy to NOT buy from you as you really do have everyone else beat on price - by a longshot. I have looked EVERYWHERE available including E-Bay and" 

Online orders can be paid using Paypal or a credit card.
We also accept purchase orders by mail, fax, or email.
If you prefer, you're welcome to give us a call at 800-227-0949. 
We're glad to help you create the systems you need, 
and you can place your order directly by phone.

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Security Cables

Security Cables

Unfinished Security Cables - Table 1

Tufnut security cables work with all of the plates, locks, and anchors we provide. When ordering custom lengths, it's generally best to have them a bit longer than the minimum required length in order to allow movement of your equipment.

Each cable listed below comes with one stop end fitting. A stop end prevents the cable end from being pulled through the security plate or fixture it's attached to. You'll choose the second cable end below.

First, "Add to Cart" the quantity of your cable size from Table 1, then choose loops or lock anchors for it from Table 2 below. If you add two ends to a single cable segment, the second end will replace the standard cable stop.

These cables are clear coated and can also be ordered in BLACK.
Just add qty. 1 of the BK option to your cart to apply the black option to your full order 

It's fastest to simply "Add to Cart" from this page, although you can click the part number to see and add the part if you prefer. 

If you don't see what you need, please give us a call at 800-227-0949.


Looking to replace a security cable for a gun safe or lock box?

Please check out our new selection of gun safe tethers.

Security Cable Ends

Security Cable Ends

Security Cable Ends - Table 2

Your security cable comes with one stop end. Additional fittings you select (listed below) will come pre-attached to your security cable. If you order two ends with a single cable, one of them will replace the stop end. 

If you've ordered 10 cables (above) and want them with loops on both ends, you just add 20 loops from the table below. 

The Lock Anchor (LA) ends let you thread a security cable through any of our security plates or anchors, then add a padlock to the cable end. Loops (LP) let you attach cables together or lock them to your furniture. 

The Cable Clamps let you create an adjustable loop on your cable end(s) so they can be fitted around the handles or cords to secure equipment. 

We've added a Large Stop End (LSE) option to fit any SC cables. At 3/4" wide this cable stop will prevent the ends of Lock Anchor cables from slipping out of the larger security ports found in gun safes and other lock boxes. 

If you need multiple different assemblies, we recommend adding the components in your cart in groups to indicate which fittings each security cable receives.

You are welcome to call us for additional sizing and custom security cable options, which can be ordered directly by phone. 


When you see our inexpensive custom security cables you will find we don't provide cheap custom cables but  inexpensive yet tough, security systems. A cheap custom cable will not stand up to years of use or securely protect your equipment. Our tough, low-cost security cables are the real thing. Don't be fooled by cheap custom security cables.

We provide tough, low-cost security.

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