LPSC3LS - Lock Box Tether -  3’ w Loop End

LPSC3LS - Lock Box Tether -  3’ w Loop End

$3.40 each

This 3-foot cable tether provides a simple anchor for lock boxes, small gun safes, and other light-weight, locking equipment cases. The 1/4" OD cable works with cases that feature a slotted lid. 

The stop end of the cable is wrapped around a secure anchor, threaded through the loop end, and dropped into the case's cable slot. Large Stop Ends (3/4" OD) allow these cables to work on cases with larger diameter cable slots. 

These cables are available with a clear or black vinyl coating. Lighter guage cable is available for lid slots smaller than 1/4" ID. Please call to inquire about custom cable options. 

For cases with a security port/hole rather than a drop-in slot, we recommend substituting a Lock Anchor Cable for this loop-end cable.