We offer a selection of computer security cable systems that use self-adhesive or superglue security plates, a variety of cables, and your choice of combination or keyed-alike locks. Most of our systems can be modified for installations of A/V equipment or for unusual equipment setups.

Using our straight-end locking cable assembly, these systems let you join multiple computer peripherals together on one cable. You simply adhere our steel security plates to your equipment, then thread a single cable through all the tab holes in the plates. Finally, you lock the end of the cable to your desk leg or to one of our add-on security anchors.

These same computer security cable systems can also be used to protect audio and A/V equipment. A single cable could secure a monitor or media player, or can be used to protect an entire collection of audio equipment.

See how the Lock Anchor cable end works . . .

Choose from these computer security cable systems, which follow below:

Superglue Computer Lock System 
Superglue Computer Cable System with Lock - GN2SLC3 
Steel Superglue Plates - GN, GW 
Space age adhesives - G2, GX

Self Adhesive Computer Security System
Computer Security Cables - SLC3
Computer Plates - P34, NP6, NP3

Self-Adhesive Loop End Computer Security System 
Self-Adhesive Looped Cable System - LC3 
PC Security Plates with loop - LNP3, LNP6, LP34 
PC Security Plates with 2-ft cables - C2NP3, C2NP6, C2P34

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Our customers say . . .

"Purdue University Library was using Tufnut security hardware when I came to work here in 2001. I have reordered three times, I believe, since I have been here. I like your product, because the systems are easy to install and very hard to remove. We have 38,700 students on this campus and 16 Libraries, that we need to protect equipment in," D. White, Assistant Facilities Coordinator of the Purdue Libraries"
D. White, Assistant Facilities Coordinator of the Purdue Libraries


GN2SLC3 Computer Lock

GN2SLC3 Computer Lock

Superglue Computer Lock

Our Superglue security cable system threads a strong 1/4"OD cable through two small steel plates superglued to your computer or audio equipment before padlocking the cable end around a table leg or to one of our Security Anchors

The GN2SLC3 security cable comes with 2 GN security plates, a 3-foot SC3 security cable, our L4 resettable combination lock, and 1 G2 superglue. This system is great for A/V equipment where flat space to attach security plates is limited, or for computer cases with curved surfaces.

See how the Lock Anchor cable end works . . 

If glue is NOT included with the component, you'll need to order it separately.  This saves you money, since you can adhere up to 10 GN plates with one glue. Glue requirements are on each product page.


SLC3 Cable Lock

SLC3 Cable Lock

Self Adhesive PC Cable Lock

This easily installed computer security cable uses the same 3-foot cable as the system above, but comes with 1 larger steel P34 plate that is self adhesive. To secure more than 1 machine on the same cable, you just add any of the plates below to each component. 

See how the Lock Anchor cable end works . . 

For different cable lengths, please order the Cables, and Security Plates, and Padlocks separately. 


Looped Computer Lock System

Looped Computer Lock System

Loop End Computer Security Cables

The Loop End computer security cable has a P34 plate on a 3-foot standard cable with loop on the other end, plus an L4 combination lock. To secure more equipment on the same cable, you must use any of the plates below having loops attached to the plates or to the cable ends. 

Most customers use these loop end cables when they want to attach one peripheral component to an existing cable already securing their CPU. 

Inexpensive Does Not Mean Cheap !

When you see our inexpensive computer security cables you will find we don't provide cheap computer security cables but  inexpensive yet tough security systems. A cheap computer security cable will not stand up to years of use or securely protect your equipment. Our tough, low-cost security cables are the real thing. L

We provide tough, low-cost security.

Cheap Computer Security Cables ?

We know you are looking for inexpensive computer security cables, so we need to talk about cheap computer security cables to help the search engines find us. Most people looking for an inexpensive computer security cable will search for  "cheap computer security cable" when they would really like an effective computer security cable at a low price.

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