A simple security nut, anti-theft bolt, or theft-resistant screw may be all you need to secure your property. Using the hardware and systems below, you can create effective protection for most kinds of equipment. If the items on this page don't solve your problem, we can often locate specific sizes and alternate types of anti-theft hardware for you. 

Below you'll find:

Padlocks - Lock cables to equipment or furniture.

Superglue - Adheres security plates to equipment or furniture.

Wire Tie Systems - Inexpensive thin wire security.

One-Way Screws - Strengthen the anchoring of our security plates.


Security Nuts - This link will take you to our security fastener website. It's best to purchase security fasteners there as a separate order, and office equipment security products here at www.tufnut.com - If you need both types of products, please place separate orders for each.

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Combination  & Keyed  Padlocks

Combination & Keyed Padlocks

Padlocks - Combination and Keyed Alike

All our locks work with all of our systems, and can be purchased separately. 

Our original P3KA and P5KA locks are keyed-alike. When you order these, we keep track of the key types we send you so you can order them again in the future. 

The new P1KA is also keyed-alike and is used to secure mouse and keyboard cables, and light weight equipment management cables.

The L4 combination locks let you set your combinations all alike, or change them for different locations. 

If you need to make substitutions of locks from our cable systems, please fax us your order. 


Superglue and Epoxy Glue

Superglue and Epoxy Glue

Superglue and Epoxy Glue

Our G2 superglue is formulated to adhere to all smooth surfaces and is used with our black vinyl coated security plates. 

One 2 gram tube will adhere 10 GN plates, or 6 GW plates. 

The GT2 works well with metal, and rougher surfaces and is used with our metal security tabs on most remote control cables. 
One 2 gram tube will attach 50 metal tabs. 

Our GX epoxy glue is used to fill gaps on very rough or highly curved surfaces where the flat security plates or cable tabs won't adhere. It provides the same coverage on the various plates and tabs. 

Wire Tie  Security  System

Wire Tie Security System

Wire-Tie Security System

Wire Tie Security System slides a thin (3/32") 1-foot long cable through a 1/8" hole in the base of your equipment and clamps it to the worktable using a security bolt and the Tufnut. Once installed, the machine covers the cable preventing it from being cut. Used on typewriters, overhead projectors and equipment having enough access so you can pass the cable through the base. 


One Way Security Screw

One Way Security Screw

One-Way Security Screws

One way security screws can be used to secure anything that can be screwed down. 

They are fastened with a regular screw driver, but cannot be removed because of 
the curved surfaces on the screw head. 

In high-risk zones you can add these screws to our self-adhesive and GW plates. 

Our most popular sizes are listed here, and you can special order different sizes and styles. These screws are Type AB thread forming screws commonly used in thin metal or wood. 

There is a special removal tool available by phone to recognized customers that allows these screws to be removed.