Laptop computers are stolen more often than any other computing equipment. While the issue of data security is increasingly relevant for individuals and businesses, securing physical hardware remains critical to any loss-prevention strategy.

The micro security slot, standard to most laptops and desktop equipment, provides an excellent attachment point for a variety of laptop locks. Newer generations of mobile equipment often lack these security attachment points, with designs focused more on streamlining and space-saving innovations. We offer laptop lock options to protect against equipment theft, to work with or without built-in security features:

Cliplock Microslot Laptop Lock, which is less costly, for more stationary equipment. 
 - MC Microslot Notebook System - LPMC6CL - $13.10 - Economical ! 
 - SC Microslot Notebook  System - LASC6CL - $13.95 - Shown Above 
 - Cliplock - CL - $2.55 

Superglue Notebook Lock Systems, for equipment without the micro security slot. 
   - Notebook Lock Cable System - LPMC6GN - $15.35 

For tablets and other computing equipment without a built-in micro security slot, we also offer Self-Adhesive Adapter Plates which create a security slot on your machine that will accept any of our laptop cable systems. 

Any of our cable systems can be customized to better fit your facilities. Please give us a call at 800-227-0949.


"I just wanted to say thank you - I received my laptop lock today and am happy to see that the quality is easily equal to or better, than the one I paid MORE than TWICE as much for as a gift for my sister! I realize that I am just ONE customer buying ONE item, but even so, your company still offered me the absolute lowest price I found anywhere for a quality lock, and your ridiculously low shipping fees really made this ONE customer feel great about Tufnut!"
Thank you so much! Denise 

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Laptop Lock - Cliplock

Laptop Lock - Cliplock

Cliplock Microslot Laptop Cable

This Cliplock Laptop Cable provides a less costly approach to secure laptops which are not moved around much. The Clip lock works like a small scissors. When closed it locks into the small micro security slot in your machine. 

You can order a CL Cliplock with any of our SC Straightlock Security Cables and Locks to create a custom system that uses a laptop lock cable without loops. 

LASC6CL laptop lock system including Clip Lock is pictured at page top. 

These cables can be ordered in BLACK !
Just add qty. 1 of the BK option, to your cart to apply the black option to your full order. 

Superglue Notebook Lock - LPMC6GN

Superglue Notebook Lock - LPMC6GN

Superglue Notebook Lock

This notebook lock attaches a GN security plate to notebook computers that have no security micro slot. 

The cable has loops on both ends. One cable end is "lassoed" to your furniture, and our L4 combination lock secures the other cable end to the GN plate glued to your machine. The notebook lock comes with a G2 superglue. 

If glue is NOT included with the component, you'll need to order it separately. 
This saves you money, since you can adhere up to 10 GN plates with one glue.
Glue requirements are on each product page. 

These cables can be ordered in BLACK !
Just add qty. 1 of the BK option, to your cart to apply the black option to your full order. 


When you see our inexpensive laptop cables you will find we don't provide a cheap laptop cable but an inexpensive yet tough, flexible system. A cheap laptop cable will not stand up to years of use or securely protect your equipment. Our tough, low-cost laptop lock is the real thing. Don't be fooled by cheap laptop locks.

We provide tough, low-cost security.

Cheap Laptop Cable?

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