Why should I use Tufnut products instead of similar systems?
Tough, Low Cost security. We design and test all our components to assure you get a very strong system for a reasonable price. Our products are unique and will often deliver you the lowest cost per secured item. In addition, you can easily modify our systems so you get exactly what you need, with no left over parts. We give you fast, friendly service, and ship your orders within a day.

What's the advantage of using the Tufnut as the securing device?
Lowest-cost approach. The Tufnut replaces a higher cost padlock, and is best used when your equipment will stay in the same place for a long while. The Tufnut is installed with a wrench, and requires a hole somewhere in your table. Some people don't have the time to do the installation, or don't want to drill into their furniture, which makes it more reasonable to use padlocks.

Why would I want to use padlocks instead of the Tufnut?
Convenience. If you move your equipment frequently, or would like to be able to move things quickly, the locks are much faster to use. About half our customers use the locks, with half of these using keyed-alike to make key control easier, while the others use the resettable combination lock, which can be set alike or differently.

Do I need to drill my furniture?
Not necessarily. Many of our cable systems can wrap around a leg or make use of existing holes in your furniture. If that's not possible, we can often help you design the system so a screw or bolt can be located out of view. Finally, we have adhesive anchor plates that will adhere to your furniture. Generally, the more you're willing to do, the more money you can save on the systems.

How do I know if the adhesive plates will fit my machine?
The Self-adhesive plates are larger (3"x 4", or 1.5"x 6"), so you need a flat spot on the equipment that will accept the plate. With these, you should use the largest size that will fit your equipment. If you don't see an appropriate plate, we can often modify one for you. The Superglue plates (0.75" x 2") will fit most smaller surfaces. They'll work on slightly curved surfaces, but should ideally be applied to a flat surface.

What's the difference between the Superglue plates and the Self-adhesive plates?
Size, strength, and convenience. As new equipment required smaller attachments, the Superglue plates were developed. They are a little harder to install than the self-adhesive plates, but actually provide more adhesion. All our plates are steel, giving you far more strength than the plastics you'll find elsewhere.

Can I change the length of the cables?
Yes! Simply change the number following the "C" in the part number to whatever length you need. With our standard cable, you then adjust the price by $.80 per foot to get your cost.

How do I specify the parts I need?
We offer systems, having individual part numbers, and also their components, which have their own numbers. You can order the systems, the components, or combine them to create what you need by listing the part numbers and desired quantities of each on your PO. 

You're welcome to call us when putting your order together, and we also review each order to make sure it will work for you. If it doesn't look right, we'll give you a call to make sure you get what you need, so be sure to include your phone number.

How fast can I get my order?
We usually ship the same day when we receive your order by noon MST, and within 1 day for most other orders. Shipping time to the East coast is 5 to 7 days, and the West coast is 3 to 4 days. Midwest is 2 to 4 days. We can also do 1, 2, and 3 day as needed.

What if your products don't work as intended?
Send them back and don't pay the invoice, or call us to get what you really do need.
We'll do whatever it takes to make you glad you're working with us.

Is there a best time to call The Tufnut Works?
Ideally, BEFORE you lose anything! We're here between 8:30 AM and 5PM MST. We return emails within a working day, and we're always ready to help you solve your security problems.

What else does The Tufnut Works do?
We make the Tufnut and related security bolts and screws available in quantities for securing property and traffic signs from theft.

How can I get lower pricing?
Quantity purchasing. We can give you quotations for larger quantities than on our price sheets. We can also work with committments over extended time periods, and have a stocking program so you can have everything you need on hand. We're pretty flexible, so give us a call or email if you'd like to work something out.