We often develop new security systems for unusual applications, which are offered below. We are glad to reconfigure our current security systems or develop new components to solve your security problem. 

Here you'll find a selection of Security Mounts & Brackets that can be used to stabilize and secure equipment in earthquake zones or to prevent monitors from toppling off of mobile carts. These mounts & brackets adhere to the side of your equipment and are bolted to the furniture or cart using our Tufnut Security Nuts to create a solid security system mount. 

In addition to securing office and AV equipment, Retail Loss Prevention is a growing application for our retractable, coiled, and straight security cables. We've recently introduced coiled cables with an adjustable clamping feature that lets you attach different shaped items to the cable end. These cables are removable and can be re-used. 

We're easy to work with and you'll always get a tough, low-cost security system when the job is done. Give us a chance to solve your problem.


Retail Loss Protection Security Systems 

Although you see coiled cables in the nearby photo, we offer security systems using straight cable of many strengths and lengths, and retractable cables with a variety of attachments. Our strength is in solving display problems to keep merchandise available to your customers while protecting it from theft.



Security Mounts & Brackets 

These security systems were originally developed to secure computers and equipment directly to desks or tables. It turned out that they are well-suited to keep AV equipment on portable carts, protecting both the equipment and students from danger. More recently, earthquake protection has become a concern that can be addressed by attaching equipment firmly to the workspace.