Steel security plates can be added to computer peripherals and office equipment to provide a stable anchor point for locking security cables. 

Anchor plates are included with many of our standard cable systems, but sometimes you'll have more equipment to protect than than a system has plates. The security plates on this page let you attach new equipment to your existing security cables. They work with all sizes of Tufnut security cables and can also be used to complete the systems you design in our Custom Security Cables page.

The selection below includes self-adhesive and glue-mounting options. Most of these plates are also drilled to allow screw-mounting where a reinforced anchor is needed. For additional add-on hardware to use with security plates, please check out our selections of ScrewsPadlocks and Superglue

Following below are:

Superglue Security Plates 

Self Adhesive Security Plates


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GN & GW Superglue Security Plates

GN & GW Superglue Security Plates

Security Plates - Superglue

Our superglue security plates are designed to fit all equipment. They work very well on metal, powder-coated or plastic surfaces.

The GN plates are designed to be effective on curved surfaces, although they perform best on flat surfaces. The GW plates are slightly larger to allow holes for security screws in high-risk areas. The GW plates are also more secure than the GN's when used without security screws.

You need to order superglue with these plates. The GN plates require 6 drops of glue, while the GW plates use 10 drops. Each glue container contains about 60 drops, so one glue will do 10 GN's, or 6 GW's. 

Self-Adhesive Security Plates

Self-Adhesive Security Plates

Security Plates - Self-Adhesive

Our self-adhesive security plates are designed to fit equipment with larger flat surfaces. They work well on bare or powder-coated metal and reinforced plastic, and are easy to install. You just peel off the protective liner and press the plate firmly onto your equipment. Screws can be added to any to any of these plates for mounting to wood surfaces.