GW - Superglue Steel Security Plate 1.5

GW - Superglue Steel Security Plate 1.5"x 2.0”

$3.75 each

GW steel security plates measure 1.5" x 2" and have holes to allow use of security screws in high-risk situations, or where it's difficult to glue them to a surface. 

The high-security GW plates will fit most equipment, including mildly curved surfaces, and will give greater adhesion even without the screws. They are usually added to our superglue systems to secure additional items on an existing cable. 

GW plates are coated with our flexible black Tuflex coating which gives them a resilient bond that actually flexes with your equipment. 

Be sure to order a G2 Superglue for every 6 GW plates ordered. Adhesion exceeds 4,000 lbs per sq. inch. 

If you need security screws, please use our OW screws, or give us a call if you need other sizes.