LASC6CL - Standard Cable Microslot Laptop Lock

LASC6CL - Standard Cable Microslot Laptop Lock

$14.20 each

This 6-ft x 3/16" Cliplock Security System features our standard security cable with a Lock Anchor (LA) end. 

The cliplock attaches to your machine by opening the clip like a scissors, inserting the small end into the lock slot, then closing the clip. 

When the clip is closed, you can pass the cable through the cliplock hole, then lock the other LA end to another machine or to your furniture. It's also possible to lock the LA end to the cliplock if you've reversed the cable direction. 

The standard straightlock cable in this system lets you to add more GN plates or cliplocks to secure other nearby equipment before locking the cable. 

Comes with one SC6LA cable, 1 CL Cliplock, 1 P3KA padlock

An inexpensive system for securing equipment that is usually stationary.