LCMCS - Bulk Security System

LCMCS - Bulk Security System

each $511.50

This system lets you make your own security cables. 

They’re secured to your equipment and furniture by crimping an end or loop onto the cable, so in many cases you don’t need padlocks. To remove the equipment you just cut the cable end, then put a new end on it to re-secure the machine. 

This system includes our GN security plates that are used when there are no other ways to attach the cables to your equipment. If there are security tabs on your machines, you can order just the cable, sleeves, and crimping tool separately. 

The complete Bulk Computer Security Cable System, includes the CT1 Cable Tool, MC250 Medium Cable (250 feet), MCSL100 Sleeves (100), GN50 Security Plates (50), and G250 Superglue for 50 plates. 

If you also need locks, just add them as a separate item in your order.