LPMC3KKM - Tool Handle Straight Cable

LPMC3KKM - Tool Handle Straight Cable

$3.60 each

This straight cable system uses a 3-foot medium 1/8-inch clear-coated cable with a loop end that will lasso the cable to a tool handle. 

The other end of the cable is straight so it can go through a hole in your display and be fastened by wrapping it around part of the display then be secured with a cable clamp to complete the fastening. The cable can also be reversed so the loop lassos the cable to your display and the other end is clamped to your merchandise. 

The clamp approach lets you sell the secured item and also allows you to re-use the cable for another display. 

We can modify this cable to solve different security applications, and are glad to give you a quote. Give us a call at (800) 227-0949