E25CC3KKX - Tool Handle Coiled Cable

E25CC3KKX - Tool Handle Coiled Cable

$6.00 each

This coiled cable extends to 3-feet and is fastened to your display with a Philips or One-way 1/4" screw. 

The attaching end of the cable is 12" long to let it wrap around the handle or body of a tool. This end is fastened to the tool with a cable clamp that allows you to adjust the cable tightly around the handle. The clamp comes with nylok nuts that are difficult to remove. 

The securing end of the cable is 6" long and has an eye that accepts a 1/4" screw. 

The clamp approach lets you sell the secured item without damaging it and also allows you to re-use the cable for another display. 

We can modify this cable to solve different security applications, and are glad to give you a quote. Give us a call at (800) 227-0949