BS - Tab - Large, 1” x 2” - (GT2 glue NOT included)

BS - Tab - Large, 1” x 2” - (GT2 glue NOT included)

each $2.50

This large aluminum tab measures 1" x 2" , providing a large surface area that is effective at spreading the load on pc cards and air cards. A small security tab creates too much strain for these thin cards to support. The large surface offers a higher degree of security than our medium tabs for devices that can accept the 1" x 2" size. 

The rise on this BS tab gives the it height of 1/2 inch, and it will be attached with a small loop on the cable end. 

To install the BS, you add two drops of glue to the tab, then press it on to your equipment, holding it firmly for 30 seconds. It's ready for use in a few hours. 

Be sure to order 1 GT2 superglue for each 10 tabs. Superglue can be ordered separately, or can be added below.