FSCGNBK - Flat Screen Lock - Superglue  (G2 glue NOT included)

FSCGNBK - Flat Screen Lock - Superglue (G2 glue NOT included)

$14.25 each

Our Flat Screen Security Cable has a 5-ft x 3/16" thick cable that can be lassoed or locked to furniture. These cables will fit all machines with a small flat spot where you can glue the 3/4" x 2" security plate.. 

The flat screen security cable comes with our GN security plate that adheres to the back or side of your monitor. 

The 5-ft black vinyl coated cable (SC5LABK) goes through the GN and the end of the cable is locked to nearby furniture, or wrapped around a fixed object using our keyed-alike padlock (P3KA). We keep track of the locks your order so you can order these same locks in the future. 

These cables are coated with black vinyl, and can be ordered longer or shorter if needed. Please call us to modify and order the cables, at 1-800-227-0949. You can also order the components separately (GN, SC5LABK, P3KA) here on our website. 

Be sure to order a G2 Superglue for every 10 GN plates ordered. Adhesion exceeds 4,000 lbs per sq. inch.