GX - Epoxy Super Bonder - 1ea

GX - Epoxy Super Bonder - 1ea

$5.95 each

Our two-part epoxy glue gives an unbelievably strong bond on any surface and is used to attach our security plates and anchors on curved surfaces or surfaces too rough for the thinner superglues. One tube will fasten up to 50 of the GN security plates or 25 of the larger GW plates which can also be screwed to your equipment with security screws.

Although it's a bit more difficult to apply than superglue, this epoxy actually creates a flexible bond that will flex with the side of a computer. It absorbs hammer blows. If they get the plate off, a chunk of your equipment will come with it.

We supply complete instructions to make this as user friendly as possible. This is the glue you've been looking for! . . .

Epoxy glue left in the container can be used on other problem glue jobs.