BSCC5LP - Coiled Cable - Large Superglue Tab - Loop End

BSCC5LP - Coiled Cable - Large Superglue Tab - Loop End

each $6.50

Our Coiled Security Cable is 1/8" by about 3" long coiled, but extends to a 4-5 foot radius.

The loop on the cable end is lassoed to your furniture, or connected with a lock. The large 1" x 2" tab on the other end is superglued to your equipment.These large tab coiled cables have aluminum tabs that measure 1" x 2". In addition to a "cleaner" appearance, they offer a larger contact area which provides better security.

Some possible uses for BA and BS coiled cables include: 
Response card security 
Store display security 
PC card security

If you are securing response cards, the BS tabs provide a largest possible contact area on the card. The tabs do not interfere with card operation.

These large tabs can be ordered attached to any of our other remote cables, and are available on our Coiled Cable Options page.

The BA tab costs $3 when added to our other systems, while the BS tab is $2.50, and should be ordered with GT2 superglue, which adheres 25 of these tabs.

Be sure to add a GT2 Superglue for these cables. A single glue does up to 25 cables ordered. Adhesion exceeds 4,000 lbs per sq. inch. Superglue can be ordered separately, or can be added below.


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