MSCC5MS - Coiled Cable - 2 Medium Tab Ends

MSCC5MS - Coiled Cable - 2 Medium Tab Ends

each $5.50

Our Coiled Security Cable is 1/8" by about 3" long coiled, but extends to a 4-5 foot radius. 

The medium 3/4" x 1"" tabs on both ends are adhered by adding our GT2 superglue to the plates and pressing them on to your equipment. One GT2 will secure 50 tabs, or 25 of these cables. 

Some possible uses for MA coiled cables include: Remote Control Security, Store Display Security, Removable PC Card Security

If you are securing PC cards that plug into laptop computers, these tabs provide a larger contact area on the PC card, which makes it possible to either glue the MS tab to the card without damaging the card, or to adhere the MA tab using self-adhesive, depending on whether the tab needs to be removed in the future. The tabs do not interfere with PC card operation.

These medium tabs can be ordered attached to any of our other remote cables, and are available on our Coiled Cable Options page.

The MA tab costs $1.50 when added to our other systems, while the MS tab is $1.00.

The medium tabs use our GT2 Superglue. A single glue does up to 15 of these cables. Superglue can be ordered separately, or can be added below.