KKX - Cable Clamp for XC cable

KKX - Cable Clamp for XC cable

$0.75 each

Our cable clamps allow you to adjust a security cable to fit snugly around an object or through its handle grip. The clamps have nylon insert nuts to make them hard to remove, although with a little time you can fasten or remove them with regular tools. 

These clamps are very popular for security in hardware stores where different sized saws and tools are on display. They can be used on either end of the cable, although you may require a longer cable tail to fit around larger items. Our normal coiled cable tail is 6-inches long. The clamps will work with any length of the straight XC cable. 

For longer tails, please call us to work out the details at (800) 227-0949. 

This clamp lets you attach a security cable to almost any type of furniture or product and later remove the cable without marking or damaging surfaces with glue or screws. You can also remove an item to sell it, then re-use the cable to secure something else. It's not a high-security defense, but is effective in situations where employees are generally present and the bad guys don't have much time to unfasten the clamp.