GSA - Audiovisual Security Mounting Bracket - 3

GSA - Audiovisual Security Mounting Bracket - 3"H - (G2 glue NOT included)

$6.20 each

Audiovisual security lock is 3"h x 1.5"w. Security plate secures low-profile VCR's, monitors & audiovisual equipment. 

By ordering these plates separately, you can save money over the GSA2 system, since you can order just the amount of glue needed for the plates ordered. One G2 superglue secures 7 plates.

The tall side of the plate superglues to the side of your equipment. The base of the angle plate attaches to your furniture with a 1/4" x 2" Carriage bolt and our 1/4" Tufnut(s). 

We recommend using 1 plate on each side of a machine for maximum stability. 

Be sure to order G2 Superglue (1 G2 secures 7 plates).