AAP4 - Audio Visual Equipment Mount - 4

AAP4 - Audio Visual Equipment Mount - 4"Height x 6"Width - Self Adhesive

$11.80 each

This audio visual equipment mount secures monitors and equipment with flat sides over 4" high. 

It's best used to secure audio visual equipment and monitors while stabilizing the equipment on mobile carts. 

For the greatest protection we recommend using one plate on each side of your equipment. You can also use one of the AAP4's and an AAP2.5, which is a less costly way to secure the second side of the equipment. 

The self-adhesive backing on the plates adheres to the side of your machine. The base of the angle plate then attaches to your furniture with 1/4" x 2" Carriage bolt and 1/4" Tufnut(s). Comes with alcohol cleaning pad.