High Security & Bulk Cable System

High Strength Cable & Bulk Cable Our High Strength Cable is the thickest cable we can offer. It is 1/4" thick, coated to 5/16" with clear vinyl, and can only be cut on a bench cutter which means portable cutters can't cut it.

We offer 3 different security systems, and can also provide lengths of this cable to suit your needs.

You'll also find a new Bulk Cable System that gives you everything you need to make your own cables. You can make cables of any length, and there's often no need to use padlocks.

These standard parts follow below:

High Security Systems
- 1/4-in x 5/16-in OD Hi Strength Cables

Bulk Cable System Cuts Security Cost in Half
- Complete Do-It-Yourself-System - LCMCS
- Cable Cut Crimp Tool - CT1
- Medium Strength Cable - MC250
- Cable Loop Sleeves - MCSL100
- Steel Security Plates - GN50
- Superglue - G250

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High Security Systems

High Security System HC5SGW

High Security Systems

Use our heaviest cable to secure video projectors or other equipment to nearby furniture or to a permanent fixture. The cable can only be cut with a bench mounted cutter.

The thick 5-ft 1/4"x 5/16" OD cable comes with stop ends on both ends. Oversize locking washers let you secure the cable to to one of our security plates or anchors attached to your machine, and to the work surface.

Here's How The Cable Works . . .

These cables are NOT available in BLACK

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Part #



HC5SCL High Strength Cable System w Cliplock $19.85
HC5SGW High Strength Cable System w GW plate $21.25
HC5SP34 High Strength Cable System w P34 plate $23.05

Bulk Cable System

Bulk Cable System LCMCS

Bulk Security System Cuts Cost in Half

You can make your own cables. They’re secured to your equipment and furniture by crimping an end or loop onto the cable - you don’t need padlocks! To remove equipment you just cut the cable end, then put a new end on it to re-secure the machine.

We supply you everything you need to make cables of varying lengths, including security plates to attach 50 items. You can then reorder only what you need for new projects.

You not only save money by buying cable in bulk, but you also pay for the cutter with your first order, since you don't need to buy the locks. On future orders, you'll save even more, since you'll already have the cutter/crimper tool.

If there are security tabs on your equipment, and you don't need the GN security plates, you can order just the cable, sleeves, and cable tool. If you'd like to use locks, just order them separately.

This cable can be ordered in BLACK
Just add qty. 1 of the
BK option, to your cart to apply the black option to your full order.

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Part #



CT1 Cable cut/crimp tool $200.00
MC250 Medium Cable - 250ft $112.50
BK Black Color Option $0.01
MCSL100 Cable Loop Sleeves -100 ea $17.00
GN50 GN steel security plates - .75"x 2.0" - 50 $170.00
G250 Superglue for 50 GN plates $12.00
LCMCS Bulk Cable System $511.50