Computer lock systems to protect your equipment and peace of mind are yours with our low cost, high-strength Tufnut computer security devices.

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Multiple Options

You can choose from computer cables, laptop cables, and unique solid mounts using steel plates with super adhesives. A variety of security devices include case locks to protect your CPU, remote control anchors, and Tufnut equipment anchors.

Easily Customized

You can modify most of our computer lock systems for unusual installations. Service is great, and we're glad to give advice on solving your installation problems.

Solid Results

Our computer protection systems have been tested by thousands of satisfied customers. We'd like to secure your property and your business.


Computer Lock Security Systems

Security for computers is always a problem when equipment must be available for use by the public. While losing the machine is a real problem, the true importance of PC security is in preventing the loss of data, programs, and user time. You'll find a variety of low-cost solutions including flexible cabling systems with superglue or self-adhesive security plates, and a choice of keyed-alike or combination PC locks to solve your security problem.

Laptop Cables & Clip Locks

You can use our low-cost 3 component systems to secure Laptops that aren't moved often, or choose from Keyed-alike, Master-Keyed and Keyed-Different one piece locks for machines that need to travel. We offer popular systems but give you the option of modifying or creating your own setup.

Remote Control Security Cables

Keeping your remotes where you need them is easy using our flexible coiled and straight cables. Their small security tabs adhere to the smallest surfaces and you can choose from a variety of fastening options for every situation.

Low Cost Does Not Mean
a Cheap PC Computer Lock !

When you see our inexpensive computer locks you will find we don't provide a cheap computer lock but an inexpensive yet tough, flexible system. A cheap pc lock will not stand up to years of use or securely protect your equipment. Our tough, low-cost computer lock is the real thing. Don't be fooled by cheap computer locks.

We provide tough, low-cost security.

Simple Security Locks & Anchors

You don't always need a fancy security system to protect your equipment. A simple security nut, bolt or screw will often do the job. You can also use these security fasteners along with our other systems to solve a challenging security application.

Custom Security Cable Options

We are glad to create any cable you need. You can assemble most common variations yourself, and you're welcome to call us for anything else you might need. We do lengths from 4 inches on up to hundreds of feet. Just let us know what you need and we can give you a complete quotation including shipping.

Security System Applications

You'll find Cable Alarms that secure your stuff with an alarm feature. Our Mounts & Brackets can secure or stabilize equipment on carts or shelves. We can also help you secure retail merchandise using adjustable and reusable cable locks.

Cheap PC Computer Lock ?

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