These unique solid equipment mount brackets prevent theft and accidents by letting you lock your electronic equipment so it will stay securely attached to your cart or table. The mount brackets are also used to prevent A/V equipment from tipping in areas where earthquakes are common. The extra stability added by the mount bracket protects your mobile equipment any time a cart is moved. 

The equipment mount bracket systems self-adhere an "L" shaped steel plate to the side of any player having a flat side perpendicular to the work surface. The lower portion of the "L" is bolted to the desk with a Tufnut and security bolt. 

Here's How The Tufnuts Work . . . 

The AAP mount brackets are available in 
7 different sizes to suit differing equipment and mounting needs. 

You'll find these systems below: 

Self-Adhesive Equipment Mounts 
- AAPN7, AAP4, AAP3, AAP2.5, AAP1.5 

Superglue Equipment Mount Systems 
- GTA2, GSA2, GTA, GSA, 


If you prefer to use a security cable to attach your equipment to a video cart 
or to another surface, our computer security cables can easily do the job. 
They can be ordered as configured, or you can create your own system
from our complete product list. 

Our customers say . . . 
"We have been very pleased with the quality of the Tufnut products you have supplied to the College over the last few years. They are proven to be easy to install, flexible in terms of removing equipment for servicing, and the most cost-effective security system I have been able to locate. As well, your prompt attention to filling my orders is always appreciated." Michael Agrios, Emily Carr College 

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Self-Adhesive Equipment Mount Bracket Systems

Self-Adhesive Equipment Mount Bracket Systems

Self-Adhesive Equipment Security Mounts

The AAP Equipment Security Mount Bracket secures a self-adhesive steel plate to the side of any equipment having one flat side perpendicular to the work surface. Two plates per machine are recommended for added stability or security. 

Once the mounting plates are adhered to the equipment, the Tufnut security hardware secures the plate to the table, preventing theft while protecting the equipment from falling off the cart. 

Superglue Equipment Mount Systems

Superglue Equipment Mount Systems

Superglue Equipment Security Mounts

Our Superglue AAP Equipment Mount Brackets will work in smaller areas than the original AAP systems. Each steel plate is 1.5 inches wide, and is designed to flex slightly to conform to curved or flexible surfaces. Each system includes 1 G2 superglue & hardware. 

If glue is NOT included with the component, you'll need to order it separately. 
This saves you money, since you can adhere up to 7 GSA or 5 GTA plates with one glue.
Glue requirements are on each product page.