This page is designed to let you create your own coiled and straight security cables. It evolved as we added more tabs and ends to our remote control cables. 

These coiled cables are offered with three different security tabs which provide you a variety of options for securing many of the new PC cards now on the market. 

Our large tabs (1" x 2") work with audience response cards and can be either permanent (BS) or temporary (BA), depending on your requirements. The large tab is shown on our coiled 5 foot cable with a loop on the other cable end. 

The medium tabs (3/4" x 1") have been effective at preventing loss of air cards and remote controls. These too can be mounted permanently (MS) or can be removable (MA). The medium tab is shown on our coiled 5 foot cable with a medium tab on the other cable end. 

For temporary security, please see our removable anchors

Our original small tabs (1/2" x 1/2") continue to work well on remote controls, on equipment with curved surfaces, and in restricted small areas where larger tabs won't fit. These tabs are intended for permanent mountings. Part # "T"

Rather than listing all the possible cable and tab combinations, 
you can create your own cable by ordering the cable size from Table 1 below, 
then one tab or end, plus the other tab or end from Tables 2 & 3 below.

For example, if you need five of the 5 ft coiled cables with large self-adhesive tabs on one end and a screw eye on the other end you would order the following: 

   CC5     Cables         5 @ $3.50 = $17.50 
   BA        Tabs           5 @ $3.00 = $15.00 
   SO    Screw Eyes       5 @ $1.00 = $  5.00      Total is $37.50 

If you also need 10 2-ft coiled cables with small tabs on both ends you would then order these items: 

   CC2       Cables   10 @ $2.50 = $25.00 
   T               Tab   10 @ $  .50 = $  5.00 
   T               Tab   10 @ $  .50 = $  5.00      Total is $35.00 

You also need 1 GT2 glue for the tabs @ $3.00 

Online orders can be paid using Paypal or a credit card.
and we also accept purchase orders by mail, fax, or email.
If you prefer, you're welcome to give us a call at 800-227-0949. 
We're glad to help you create the systems you need, 
and you can place your order directly by phone. 

Download Price & Info pdf  (99 KB)


Coiled and Straight cables

Coiled and Straight cables

Coiled Cables and Straight Cables - Table 1

First, "Add to Cart" the quantity of your first cable from this table, then choose tabs and ends for it from the tables below. 

It's fastest to simply "Add to Cart" from this page, although you can click the part number to see and add the part if you prefer. If you don't see the cable you need, please give us a call at 800-227-0949.

The XC cable can be adjusted for length and is available with clear coating or in BLACK !

Tabs T, MS, MA, BS, BA

Tabs T, MS, MA, BS, BA

Tabs - Table 2

You can use any of these tabs on either end of your cable. You need to "Add to Cart" at least two tabs or ends from this table or the next table to complete the cable you've selected above. 

Be sure to include 1 GT2 glue for every 50 small or 30 medium superglue tabs.
1 GT2 glue will also cover 25 of the large superglue tabs.

Loop and Screw Eye ends

Loop and Screw Eye ends

Ends - Table 3

You can use any of these ends on either end of your cable. 

A cable is complete when you've added two tabs or ends to the cart. 

If you need another cable size, go to Table 1 and begin the process again, 
ordering cables, then tabs or ends for each cable size you need.