Cable Alarm Locks

Cable Alarm Locks If you need a security alarm to protect your equipment but don't want a costly monthly contract, we offer a simple alarm lock cable system that cables your equipment together. If the cable is unplugged or cut, an alarm shrieks to let you know there's trouble.

The TufAlarm Cable Alarm works on batteries and secures 1-5 items for less than $50.00.

TufAlarm uses a 1/8" steel security cable to secure your equipment in a security loop. If the cable is cut, the attached alarm will sound for as long as 2 hours. This alarm lock system can anchor your equipment, or be used to lock a group of things together to make them too hard to move.

Cables are 4-ft, 10-ft, or 20-ft.

These Cable Systems use a resettable combination to open, close, arm, and turn off the alarm.

Following below you'll find

TufAlarm Cable Alarm Locks
          TufAlarm Cable Alarm Lock Unit - ETJC
          TufAlarm Security Alarm Cables - EJC4, EJC10, EJC20
          9-volt battery - EB9

Alarm Cable Anchors
          Glue or Screw Anchor Plates - GNX & GWX
          Padlock and Cable Screw Anchor - PS
          Epoxy Glue - EGX

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Cable Alarm Lock

TufAlarm with Alarm Cable

Cable Alarm Lock

The TufAlarm Cable Alarm Lock features a 1-in x 2-in x 4-in stainless steel alarm base that accepts two ends of a security cable. The security cable runs through openings in your equipment or through our security plates attached to it. The cable can be anchored to other furniture or an immovable object, or can simply be used to make the connected items too bulky to be moved. The cable ends are secured into the alarm base to lock your equipment.

If the cable is cut, the 120-decibel alarm will shreik for about 2 hours, or until it is turned off using the resettable combination. The unit also can activate two high intensity light flashers which can be seen for up to half a mile. The standard 9-volt battery lasts for more than 12 months. If the alarm is triggered, the battery should be replaced. The control unit measures 1-in x 2-in x 4-in.

These cable alarm locks are designed for indoor or outdoor use, and will not be adversely affected by cold or hot temperatures, ultra-violet radiation, or moisture. The stainless steel case is designed to be durable and to give years of service. When used outdoors, it's best to shelter the alarm from the weather.

You need 1 cable for each alarm lock unit. You may also need security plates so you can attach the cable to your equipment, or security anchors to anchor the cable to something solid. These are found in our Cable Anchors section.

We can extend the cable length to create a larger security loop. The cost is $.50 per foot, and it's best to call us to place your order, at (800) 227-0949.

Our new epoxy glue gives an unbelievably strong bond on any surface, and will fasten up to 40 of the security plates, which can also be screwed to your equipment with security screws. Although we list just a few of our most useful anchors below, you can use any of our security plates and anchors with an alarm cable.

Give us a call if you need more info or help. (800) 227-0949

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Part #



ETJC TufAlarm Cable Alarm Combo Lock Unit - 1 ea $31.00
EJC4 Electronic Security Alarm Cable - 4-ft $6.95
EJC10 Electronic Security Alarm Cable - 10-ft $10.95
EJC20 Electronic Security Alarm Cable - 20-ft $12.95
EB9 Alkaline Battery - 9 volt - 1ea $3.00

Alarm Cable Anchors

GWX and PS Alarm Cable Anchors

Alarm Cable Anchors

Alarm cable anchors give you a way to attach the alarm security cable to equipment if there's no way to pass the cable through it. You can glue or screw these alarm lock cable anchors using our super-strength epoxy glue.

Either alarm cable will then run through the rise in the GWX security plates, or through the hole in the PS adapter.

You can use security screws to attach the GWX plate or the PS angle anchor to bare wood or to painted surfaces. The GWX plate can be glued to any metal or plastic surface.

You can also use any of our regular security anchors to create attachments to secure your stuff for use with the alarm locks.

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Part #



GNX Epoxy Security Plate .75"x2" $2.25
GWX Epoxy Security Plate 1.5"x2" $2.75
PS Padlock Screw Anchor - 1" tab $2.50
EGX Epoxy Super Bonder - 1ea $5.95
SP25.75 Phillips Screws 1/4 x 3/4" Long - 25 ea $7.50

Cheap Cable Alarm ?

When you see our inexpensive cable alarms you will find we don't provide a cheap cable alarm but an inexpensive yet tough, flexible system. A cheap cable alarm will not stand up to years of use or securely protect your equipment. Our tough, low-cost cable alarm is the real thing. Don't be fooled by cheap cable alarms.

We provide tough, low-cost security.

Low Cost Does Not Mean a Cheap Cable Alarm !

We know you are looking for an inexpensive cable alarm, so we need to talk about a cheap cable alarm to help the search engines find us. Most people looking for an inexpensive cable alarm will search for a "cheap cable alarm" when they would really like an effective lock at a low price.

OK, we've said it and you've found us - so let's secure your stuff!